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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Support for Turkish or not in Livelink 9.2

main reason is that it takes time to support more languages but if you are willing to take the cost you get maybe a better user support.,.,..

1) Right now you have a "pure" english version of XXXX exception vacation request that is written in Frensch supporting more languages that you don't know by heart means you need more people to maintain
example: check the language of the Turkish form

2) English is the company language of xxxx. If I work in Turkey and would like to use the form it needs also to be a english version ==> double the number of forms to support. Compare all emails
in Danish ….

3) Development of UTF applications in Livelink nothing we have experience of and I think it is
better supported in 9.5
The XXX application now supports UTF in the database which I understand means that you can store and search on most of the characters When doing applications in non English language my feelings that the development environment in Livelink 9.2 is a little bit shaky to support UTF development.
I have had problems with the frensch characters and hanging Livelink etc.

see also the development forum on Knowledge

4) Problem adding the texts with HTML codes, takes time and creates error and difficult to support
Best and easiest way I have found to add foreign characters to WEBforms is using character entities
example character small sharp s = ß ß
as the Turkey language has 6 characters that are not present in ISO 8859-1 :
Dotted uppercase "I", dotless lowercase "i", upper- and lowercase "G" with breve accent, and upper- and lowercase "S" with cedilla.
as Turkey use ISO 8859-9 (Latin 5)

you need to add them as Codes
HTML code character Description
Ğ Ğ G Uppercase "G" with breve accent
İ İ I Uppercase dotted "I"
Ş Ş S Uppercase "S" with cedilla
ğ ğ g Lowercase "g" with breve accent
ı ı i Lowercase dotless "i"
ş ş s Lowercase "s" with cedilla

The text I created for the Turkey form looks like this

Sevgili xxx Nordisk Türkiye Çalisanlari,

Bu form ile, varolabilecek sorularinizi, sorunlarinizi, karşılaşabileceğiniz zorluklari daha iyi dinleyebilecek, sorulariniza cevap vermeye ve çözüm önerileri ile gelmeye çalisacagiz.Coğrafi lokasyonunuz sorun olmadan, bu formu iş veya personel ile ilgili her türlü konuda kullanabilirsiniz. Gönderdiğiniz soru veya konular, ilgili kişi tarafından ivedi şekilde değerlendirilecektir.

ISO 8859-1
ISO 8859-5

Added Question in Knowledge

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