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Friday, April 15, 2016

Reading Strategies

From Future learning Reading Litterture in the Digital Age

  1. Filtering
    Sosnoski "a higher degree of selectivity in reading" .... govern the reader’s interest before the texts are even found
  2. Skimming
    Sosnoski ‘less text [is] actually read’ (163). ‘Hypertexts,’ Sosnoski adds, ‘are designed for skimmers.
  3. Pecking
    Sosnoski ‘a less linear sequencing of passages read’ (163). Reading randomly, sometimes here, sometimes there in no particular sequence, then you had no hope of discovering the text’s coherence’
  4. Imposing
    Sosnoski 'less contexualization’ is ‘derived from the text and more from readerly intention’ (163). ‘In constructive hyper-reading,’ he adds, ‘there is no doubt that the reader is in charge and that the text is subservient to the reader’s wish. Such hyper-readers impose their frameworks on the texts they peruse.
  5. Filming
    Sosnoski significant meaning is derived more from graphical elements as from verbal elements of the text
  6. Trepassing
    Sosnoski Cut and passed what is intresting and use on your own page.
  7. De-authorizing
    Sosnoski When we read on the www we don't know who has written it.....
  8. Fragmenting
    Sosnoski We jump to other places selecting a small section and the jump to next
  9. Juxtaposing
    Hayles juxtaposing when hyper readers has 2 screen next to each other compare the two
  10. Scanning
Carr’s own words, ‘when we go online, we enter an environment that promotes cursory reading, hurried and distracted thinking, and superficial learning. It’s possible to think deeply while surfing the Net […] but that’s not the type of thinking the technology encourages and rewards. One thing is very clear: if, knowing what we know today about the brain’s plasticity, you were to set out to invent a medium that would rewire our mental circuits as quickly and thoroughly as possible, you would probably end up designing something that looks and works a lot like the Internet

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